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to see that the man coins for fifa 18

to see that the man is the dragon three (a pseudonym). This coins for fifa 18 usually is quite generous, helpful, but drunk always do something wrong. Jiang Dian beams quickly persuade, let coins for fifa 18 put down the knife, he told the police, he know. Fame. Upon hearing this, the three dragons a little hesitation, at this time, Jiang Dian beams suddenly stride forward, coins for fifa 18 grasp the knife. The dragon three immediately with the other hand catch at a kitchen knife, two people began to fierce competition. Jiang Dian beams is very clear, once the coins for fifa 18 sell, the situation is very dangerous. He tried again to disperse the dragon three attention to language, dragon three mood is very excited, shouting the coins for fifa 18 of the police, auxiliary police “one is not my opponent!” the situation is critical, the other auxiliary old Yan also came to help. Take knife mut coin, the glasses fall off in Jiang coins for fifa 18 beams, the arm and fingers were Scratch. Finally, three people together and grabbed the knife, the dragon three uniforms and brought back to the police station. At present, coins for fifa 18 dragon three drunk case is still under further investigation. Yesterday, the reporter asked madden mobile coins cheap Dianliang, dragon three was so big, still holding the knife, coins for fifa 18 afraid of? Of course “said Jiang Dian beams afraid”.


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