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Darkscape: The Event & Graphical Rework

The latest product of our artists’ awe-inspiring imaginations is here: the Darkscape gold is the third of our showcase override sets, now available on Solomon’s Store! Wearing this magnificent magic-themed set, you’ll be anything but a dead man walking. Spirit away your enemies in style with this full five-piece outfit, staff, wand and orb overrides […]

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The Invasion of Falador | Event & Graphical Rework

The Black Knights of the Kinshra have launched an all-out assault on their rivals, the White Knights of Falador. For two weeks, the two orders of warriors will go head-to-head in the streets of Falador. Pitch in, pick up some unique rewards, and bask in the glory of the city’s graphical RS Gold rework. There’s […]

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