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sold motor fuel oil mut coins dens and arrested

Nocturnal “oil mouse”, using homemade tools, 4 months crazy mut coins, stealing more than 100. Recently, Daxing police took away a pirate, sold motor fuel oil dens and arrested seven mut coins. Since July this year, the police have received public alarm, said the car fuel stolen. Through the carding analysis, the police found that suspects mut 18 coins mainly on the roadside parking mut coins, buses and other large vehicles to start using the homemade tools, prized open the fuel tank cap, the diameter of 7 cm plastic tube straight plug the bottom of the tank, open the mut coins pump theft of diesel . Police call surveillance video, lock a Buick car. Police handling the hut coins found that the car is using a forged motor license plate, often late at night, mut coins the crime areas involving Daxing, Chaoyang, Fengtai and other districts, each committing the crime,

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