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Runescape Making Money With Farming


1. Chain farming ~ Farm all 4 plots, just plant/check each plot then teleport to the next.
2. Find a high level herblorist that will make you potions, very easy to do, some will even give the seconds for free.
3. and fellow runecape players)! Here's a tip for fast and easy pure mage pker! (if u have another good account) make a new guy and train its magic to level 4 with the runes u get for free at first.Then, do the imp catcher and witch's potion quests which help ur magic stat. It should make ur magic go to 11. Then u make tons of air and mind and buy earth and fire staffs. Train with earth strike till u are 13 magic and go to wildy. Use ur powerful fire strike to send the noobs away and get some good loot!!

  • Booksrock3 - once ur in the champs guild kill chickens for bones and feathers then sell the feathers (or fish)and bury the bones i got 5 prayer lvls and 3k from doing this
  • Da_Monster - if ur a bit slow at getting ur prayer up den dis tip is for u! first of all go north of varrok where of course you'll find wildy, but don't go into the wildy. instead go west and keep going untill u come to a place called edgeville. go to the bank and then head south of it where you'll come to a ruin st side, and if you use magic on a white knight on the other side of the table, he wont be able to attack you.
  • Chilama4 - hey, ive found at that if u wanna train really high in ure combat its best that u go either to varrock when ure around lvl 30 combat and kill lvl 21 gaurds
  • Jimbo248 - A good way to get both combat and crafting up if you are not a member and have a low level is to kill cows, take the hides and craft leather.
  • Spartan12 - i am a fellow runescaper and i found the best place to get mage up for members is either hiding behind the fence and takin out heros or at the place with the wolfmen hide behind the bar
  • Servant of Zamorak - Alright if u want awesome xp, go to the al-kharid guards palace and attack them. If someone else is attakin they team up. U can get like 2k xp in an hour if u work well.
  • Black Echo58 - Once you get to range level 40 giants are really good to train on. They can be found in the deep part of the edgeville dungeon. I raised my range from 40 to 50 in 1 day there.
  • David - Nature Runecrafting: there are other methods that work well too. You can also you the second Gnome pilot to the east of the Nature altar. You can also telp (using Glory Ammy; ring of dueling - telp to Al Kharid; or telp to Lumby) if you've got telp resources to burn. The other runecrafting tip that works for all runecrafting is to get a bunch of runecrafters together and taxi together (one person leads, others follow). Less work for all and you have company on your boring trips.
  • Sup - if u want to be a good str pker do wat i tell u. if ur just starting (lvl 3) fight spiders lvl 2 at north east of al kharid use str only!! dont forget to close door! train ur str up to 15 and train ur att up to 5 try using the best weapon at its type (bronze, iron, etc.) then train ur str u to 30 (on man lvl 9) then train ur att up to 10 by that time u'll be able to use b2h and train on warriors in al kharid by that time ur lvl about 18 when ur str is about 40 train on guards. when ur combat is about 44 the go to wild and kick some ass!
  • Vince Hahn - Faster Prayer Level: Big bones from giants do give higher experience points per set buried, but it takes time as the giants take a while to regenerate. Just west of Port Sarim there is a place, identifiable by a brown ditch that goes from Port Sarim To Rimmington, where there is an abundance of goblins. Often there are people of lower combat levels that are just trying to kill the goblins for fighting exp points, and more often than not will leave the bones. I've found that a plethora of these bones becomes a much easier and faster means of building up prayer points
  • Raptor694 - if you want to train ranging try to fight in the sewers east of the palace go to the skeltons with the shields and sword and sometimes they drop 2 law runes and you get exp too!
  • Pantooy - A good place to train if your between 5-15 combat is the barbarin village
  • Archerking59 - a good place 2 train ranging in varrok bar get behind table neer barman and attack man and women for easy xp
  • Jonno Wassup - If u want good training spot when your lvl 60 and fishing lvl 35 i suggest go to Karamja and kill lesser demons ( lvl 82). but bring fishing stuff with u, since u need food to last long enough down at the lessers. Just be careful don't die, lessers hits 8s on rune armor.
  • Bob f it - A good npc for training combat is count draynor (downstairs in draynor manor) as he will never drop! For long sessions with him take a good amount of food.
  • Gingersinner - RANGERS- complete the priest in peril quest and go to the bar in wolf village go behind the bar and shoot the wolfmen and they drop valuable stuff you can also attempt this if you are a mage or a very high leveled warrior
  • Laidas - Hey, i'm a first-time poster, and my tip goes like this:
    If you're not very high combat, and want quick exp, go to the Edgeville dungeon and kill zombies lvl 18, that way you get around 20k exp in 1 hour! And the main thing is, there's nobody there, cos all the people go to giants..
  • Bob f it - Avoid practicing archery on ducks - you'll lose your arrows.
  • Ictoad - For mages: if you don't already have an elemental shield, make sure that you at least get an anti-dragon breath one, it gives you magic defense!
    • Good places to train for combat:
      End of Varrok sewers (moss giants)
      Ice cave (hobgoblins, ice warriors, ice giants)
      Karamja Volcano (lesser demons-lots of them!)
      Edgeville dungeon (hobgoblins, skeleton warriors, giants)
      Black knight castle (self-explanatory)
  • sketchy1991 - ok you high lvls out there. Say you want fast training (this requires dragons slayer) go all the way to Crandor isle and fight the lvl 45 skeletons for a while and that's the fastest way to gain levels believe me i started there at lvl 63 1 day ago I'm lvl 73 now.
    *oh yeah never download any auto programs they can steal your account and hack into your computer.
  • Dark Light A - If you want to raise your prayer level go to the goblin village by Falador to kill goblins endlessly and bury their bones! Death to the goblins!!!!!
  • Moose - If you are a ranger (bow wielding), stand behind a fence and attack the enemy.  They will try to attack you but the fence is in the way so you won't get hurt.

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