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NBA 2K17 defensive operations and skills tutorial

NBA 2K17 in the defense is also very important? Today to bring the NBA 2K17 defensive operations and skills tutorial, let’s see it!

Switch: press the player to control another defender to the ball

Personal defense: hold down the LB key to enter the low defensive stance

Cap: the player near the press

Steals: dribble or pass line in the near middle, press 1.

Expert: rocker steals left or right to choose the right rocker push hands with steals, away from the dribble direction is blocked, toward the direction is cut off the dribble the ball

Compression ball: hold down the LT key and dribble drive toward the left rocker

Quick slide: hold down the LT key +RT key, push the left rocker in any direction

Hands up defense: push the right stick in any direction.

Interference shot: when the shooting process in the vicinity of the pitcher hold down the LT key or in any direction to push the right joystick

Vertical interference: toward this direction away from the shooting and press and hold the left rocker

Cap: to hold down the RT key and press.

Manufacturing: hold the charging

Diving: double click the

Position switch: press the RB button and then press the action to defender built to control him

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