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Cartier watch repair service, real life wearing a Cartier watch a lot of people

Cartier maintenance services

Cartier watch repair service, real life wearing a Cartier watch a lot of people, but the Cartier watch long wear and use will inevitably be a problem, so maintenance of Cartier watches you must go to the regular maintenance center, so as not to bring you not The necessary trouble. Precision Hengda watches repair center professional maintenance world watches, is your first choice for maintenance of Cartier love bracelet replica.

Because the Cartier watch maintenance is very important, you must cause a high degree of attention, the following should be accurate when the Hengda watch repair center of professional maintenance technicians to tell you about the maintenance of Cartier watches common sense.

Precision Hengda watches maintenance center professional maintenance technicians pointed out that the maintenance of Cartier:

First, do not wear water in the background of the watch, such as the bathroom. Because it will make waterproof glue easy to aging, and easy to make water into the table.

Second, to avoid a strong impact: Although the watch now has a shock function, should still avoid the sudden impact; so do exercise, it is best to remove the watch.

Third, do not make the watch close to the solvent, mercury, cosmetic spray, cleaning agent, adhesive or paint, camphor, otherwise the case, strap, etc. will bleach, deterioration or damage. Away from camphor material: camphor has the role of decomposition of oil, easy to lead to grease parts of the watch is broken down, so that failure.

Four, wearing a watch, the hands of the sweat on the case of corrosive, all the steel case because it is nickel-chromium alloy, corrosion resistance better, semi-steel case is copper, long-term contact with sweat, easy to corrosion, should always Wipe with a soft cloth or sweat plastic table care to prevent it from being sweat erosion.

Five, away from the water and steam: Although the waterproof watch, waterproof accessories may still loose over time, resulting in wet and rusty parts, so the effect of hand washing or bathing, need to take off the watch.

Tips: The contents of the above article is a professional maintenance technician on the Cartier maintenance of the relevant explanation, I hope you will help. Regular maintenance of the watch is very important, especially the regular maintenance of the watch, so your regular maintenance of Cartier to cause a high degree of attention. If you still have questions, you can click on the online technician for a detailed consultation. I wish you health and happiness.

In the recession, people will return to the classic brand, rather than those popular fashion.

2017 New Year’s greetings, the Chinese luxury goods in foreign consumption reached 9.7 billion US dollars. A week of consumption is equivalent to four months in general.

Headquartered in Paris, senior Cartier love ring replica jewelry and watch maker Cartier, spent three years, investing 10 million euros, shooting a 3 minute video clip to keep its own brand glory. Short films in the world set off a wave of simultaneous delivery of the movement, but the main goal is to promote China, Russia, such as emerging markets sales. This, from the short film in the carriage of the Russian ladies, to the Chinese dragon and cheetah on the use of the length of the shooting can be seen.

“In the New Year’s Day in 2012, the Chinese luxury goods consumption in foreign countries reached 9.7 billion US dollars a week of consumption is equivalent to four months in general.Chinese luxury goods consumption of great potential, the world can feel. “Said Cartier, Chief Executive Officer of Cartier China. As with some other luxury brands, Cartier sent a good look at the Chinese market while contending with the ongoing recession.

China temptation

Since the opening of its first store in Hong Kong in 1970, Cartier has a sales network of 90 stores in China for more than 40 years. Jewelry shop 37, watch shop 53, covering 46 Chinese cities. They found that compared with the mature market, China is a young market, in the stage of development and layout, a huge geographical range, a large number

Of the young groups and the rapidly expanding middle class, so that China has become a tempting cake. “Our customers in China are very young and mostly 25 to 35 years old, and this age structure is 10-15 years younger than mature markets,” he said.

Cartier was born in 1847, when Louis – Francois Cartier (Louis-Francois Cartier) this he had done apprentice jewelry workshop took over, the company became the first watch manufacturer. In 1904, Cartier produced a watch for Brazilian pilot Alberto Santos-Dumont. After a series of acquisitions in the 1990s, Cartier is currently a brand of Richemont, a Swiss luxury goods group.

In 2002, Bernard Fornas, who served at Procter & Gamble and Guerlain, served as chief executive officer of Richemont’s watch business. After taking office, his first decision was to invest in the development of Cartier watch power system. Since then, Bernard Fernas has given Cartier greater control over quality and design. ” Replica Cartier jewelry and watches are equally important sources of profit for us. While jewelry may seem more accessible, the explosive growth of watches is also important,” says Jane Yavin. “So we are making regular investments for The Asian market to lay the foundation for long – term growth.

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