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All the way to love, Cartier invited you to enjoy the “love of the maze”

Love, has always been a hundred thousand back to the matter. The first encounter of the throbbing, accompanied by the sweet, with the firm, love all go round in the realization of its most unique beauty. This year 520, Cartier creative presentation “love maze” interactive experience, with Amulette de Cartier love bracelet replica series as the inspiration, carefully designed five maze, open love surprise.

Love to see. The first case of love, the joy of eyebrows spontaneously, as pink opal like the distribution of happy light. In this maze, pure and sweet parallel, a symbol of the original tenderness of honey.

Amulette de Cartier series of pink opal necklace

Love to know. After the throbbing encounter, love is running on each other, explore each other, or in the mutual test before the trip? The strength and creativity of the green chalcedony, is the best guide in this maze, the achievements of the process to bring the infinite surprise and charm.

Love companionship. Love is destined to stroll in the forward line, and everywhere the “little fortunate” is the best scenery on the road. A symbol of lucky malachite, light up the maze of every moving moment, embrace happiness.

The peace of love. Green stone to bring the calm power, so that you in this maze, practicing calm and elegant, learning respect and understanding.

Love to spend. Regardless of strong or tranquil, firmly guarding the beginning of the heart, will eventually point to the end of life, as pure mother of pearl, with gentle light light long love long way.

Amulette de Cartier love ring replica series of mother of pearl necklace

Cartier Juste un Clou series bracelet 18K rose gold, diamonds. Cartier turned the metal parts into jewelry. The first nail bracelet was born in New York in the 1970s and fully demonstrated the spirit of freedom and joy. Juste un Clou series of unique creativity, bold and modern, ordinary objects can be extraordinary sublimation, highlight the precious nature, as men or women’s excellent accessories.

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