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7.3.2 test clothing 25255 patch Pantheon jewelry changes detailed solution

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In the 7.3.2 patch, the official for the burning throne final BOSS: lonely people Agus added a special effect with special effects (introduced). In addition to having a passive trigger effect, I believe we are very interested in another feature that triggers the special effects “Pantheon”. So how does this mechanism work specifically? Look at the latest changes!
Armstrong’s vision is adjusted to orange
As a new version of the “crystal” jewelry, Oman Sul’s vision in this patch first changed the name to avoid the name of the small orange with the conflict. On the other hand, in addition to equipment and other raised to 100, the property of this equipment from the epic level into a legendary level, and it will not be limited by the number of two pieces of orange, but added a new called “Titan The road “- in other words, equipped with this orange equipment, then the player can not be equipped with Argus fall of other jewelry.
Pantheon jewelry can be upgraded
Since the Oman Soule’s horizon equipment soared to 1000, spicy other Pantheon ornaments can also be upgraded. It is reported that all the difficulties of Argus (but need to pay attention, random difficulty will not fall Pantheon ornaments) will fall a named “Pantheon blessing” props, use it to increase the Pantheon jewelry 5 Wait until 1000 level.
“Pantheon strengthen” trigger mechanism
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Simple Summary:
If there are four players in the team triggered the Argus jewelry effects, then they will be strengthened by the Pantheon.
Only trigger the Argus jewelry effects players can get the strengthening of the Pantheon. Such as the team has 6 people, only triggered the Pantheon jewelry passive effects of the four players will then trigger the strengthening of the Pantheon, the other two will not.
Oman Sauer’s horizon is similar to the “universal” effect, it can replace the other Pantheon jewelry trigger. Such as the three Aman Soule’s vision plus an Agrama’s faith, or four Oman Sur’s horizons.(Click bankofwow to buy?wow?gold, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

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