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7.3 evil DK big secret environment output Raiders: assembly techniques and great secret details of the proposed

Evil DK big secret environment positioning
  Evil DK this specialization in the high-level environment is located in the tasteless.
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  1 no group control, high-level will bring at least one group control career, a remote, with a group control, why take you, for example, the current version of T0 professional DZ.

  2 legs short (you can eat bear meat, evil can point 30S ghost step, in fact, good), easy sudden death (I said sudden death, is unavoidable sudden death, such as the black crow, the soul of the archer’s archer / , We do not, for example, DZ’s suspended animation, that is difficult to say that death is dead.

  1. double pull (God technology, if the day DK did not pull, then I estimate to give up DK), ZF (this is not to say), the mind is a remote interruption.

  2. Long lasting and small bursts of AOE / monomer, perfect mid-range DPS (30 yards dark claws, into the attack on the wound, back to avoid a lot of other melee can not avoid AOE), the longer the fighting time, Evil DK DPS advantage will be able to show up.

  3. bring their own 20% + range of injury reduction, dark aid (God technology, there is a GCD to maintain a blood line, please remember that the sentence is always the most like to add that can be filled with an instant People’s blood, you let the treatment of the highest priority to lift you, you can live longer, play more damage), DK as long as not seconds, its life-saving ability is very, very strong!

  4. cover (please remember that only the BDK cover is to eliminate debuff, evil and blood would like to not debuff debuff to open).

  5. outbreak of CD short, blasphemy is 30S, the secret is 30S, BB transfiguration + Rune weapon is 1 minute, I can guarantee that every wave I have at least 200 + output.

Big secret approach
  Two goals: outbreak, abscess, for the target abscess, withered / blasphemy, according to BB turned (if any) + Rune weapons macro, no brain dark grasp.

  Multi-target: open strange before the delay by BB transfiguration + Rune weapons macro, looking for the main target, outbreak, dying / blasphemy, on the edge, abscess abscess, Apocalypse Army (middle intervening pull / BB halo, trigger secret) Brain dark grasp, the middle of the main target death, for the target abscess, fill the outbreak, continue without brain dark grasp.

  Super multi-target AOE: outbreak, dying / blasphemy, BB transfiguration + Rune weapons macro (if any) no brain dark grasp. Such as the first wave of the corridor, do not think to go to the wound, too late, before the pilgrimage shop in advance, the outbreak of no brain A.

  (If any), full of BUFF trigger ice chain (the highest record is 1300W, no special BUFF).

  And then enter the normal cycle, remember the ice chain in the multi-trigger time to play out, you can stay blasphemy CD to 15C around the ice chain, blasphemy stack buff + ice chain a lot of damage.

  Big white body tactics here no longer tired.

Big secret match
  1. chest + soul ring, million gold oil, do not pursue the limit, a set of equipment can be hit at the end, take-all. ,

  2. Secret + soul ring + month blade, multi-target AOE grab the necessary means to see the above multi-target injury.

  3. soul ring + Cannon + on the edge, ultra-multi-target grab damage.
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Bryant said that the philosophy of Jeet Kune Do had a great influence on him.

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“You put the water into the cup and it becomes the shape of a cup.When you pour the water into the bottle, it becomes the shape of a bottle, like an invisible water, a man like a water, my friend,” Bryant said.

Lao Tzu said: “the good water. Water and all things do not fight, the people of the evil, so a few in the Road. Good reputation, good heart, and good benevolence, good words, good governance, good things, “This remark not only promote the spirit of water, but also Cheap nfl 18 coins tells a philosophy of life: life should be like water, have a great plasticity. Because the water soft and can be deformed. In the ocean is the shape of the ocean, in the river is the shape of the river, in the cup Cheap NBA 2K18 MT is the shape of the cup, in the bottle is the shape of the bottle.

“I learned a lot from Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do philosophy, one of which is to learn to adapt,” Bryant said, “is to practice basic skills, so you can cope with any situation.

“Bruce Lee has always been a source of inspiration for my growth, (Click gameusd.com to buy madden nfl 18 coins,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)
and I have read all the things he has written, and I have read all the movies he has played, and every time I have read every one,” Bryant said.

“He loves to share his knowledge and hope to bring inspiration to others.He does not Cheap nfl 18 coins want you to learn how to fight, but by fighting this art learn how to become a better person. This is what I want to convey to the next For generations, “Bryant said.

In 2010, Bryant decided to redesign his Nike Kobe Zoom V shoes, to pay tribute to his extraordinary admiration for the superstar. Kobe Bryant to the upper and lace colors to yellow, to pay tribute to Bruce Lee in the movie “Death Game” (1978) wearing a signature pants.

Kobe Bryant is still on the side of the shoes with four clear red traces, similar to Bruce Lee in the movie “Dragon” (1973) in the chest scratches.

“I really respect him, Cheap NBA 2K18 MT and I felt it was a very important thing to do a tribute to him,” Bryant said.

And now Bryant has become the NBA legend, who is to pay tribute to him?

Yes, that is just transferred from the knight to the Celtics Kerry – Owen.
Owen recently launched his Owen 3 Mamba spirit shoes, Owen said that this shoe is from Kobe Bryant and Bruce Lee who won the inspiration.

“At the age of 17, I attended Nike’s show in California, and I was wearing Bryant Bruce Lee in that game, and finally we won, and since then it has been my favorite shoe.” Owen had said in Instagram The

“Kaili called me and said, ‘Do you mind if I am doing a shoe to pay tribute to you?’, I answered ‘of course,'” Bryant said.

“Then he said, ‘I want to do a Kerry – Kobe Bryant – Bruce Lee shoes,’ I said let us do it,” Bryant said.

“It’s great to see the inheritance between our generations, and the Mamba spirit is returning,” Bryant said.
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