openly with colonial traces inscribed on the World

South Korea,rs 2007 “Chosun Ilbo,” said, because Korea failed to “whether ‘labor conscription of Koreans’ word

inscription written material and introduction” to reach a consensus on the 4th UNESCO announced delay consideration of day. ” Meiji inscription “Korea and

Japan to give some time to coordinate their positions. “Yomiuri Shimbun,” said South Korea’s chief representative to attend the meeting on the 3rd strongly

against Zhao said, “Japan should reflect the requisition forced labor, and measures taken in good faith.” Japan’s Cabinet on the 4th counselor is uncertain

to say, “in the World Heritage Conference, anything can happen.” It reported that Japan and South Korea negotiated the possibility that implicit frustration.
“Japanese Economic News” on the 5th that Japan was worried that the inscription is not passed, after intense negotiations, Japan and South Korea reached a

final agreement. Yonhap said South Korea and Japan agreed that Japan increase with the inscription text notes, reflecting the fact that Japan forced

recruitment of Korean workers. The Japanese government in 2013 to formalize the “Meiji inscription” schedule, the Republic of Korea will repeatedly protested

to Japan through diplomatic channels, on the grounds that the site can not be openly with colonial traces inscribed on the World Heritage List. But Japan

insisted submit information to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2014. Japan’s “Daily News” reported that the Foreign Minister of South Korea and Japan last

month when talks between the two countries on the “Meiji inscription” consensus, but the historical sites related statements not specifically identified.
Although the “Meiji inscription” was adopted, some Korean media is still somewhat reconciled. South Korea, “Munhwa Ilbo” that the site was “a tool of the

Pacific War,” this place transformed into a world heritage, does not meet the World Heritage criteria.

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design only considered highway safety

After a heavy rain by the end of July,albion online silver because Yu Jia highway drainage collapse erosion embankment, close to good speed elm Village Road in Yulin Yuyang Village river tower town warm collapsed more than 30 meters, it has more than a month past ,Tera Gold the collapse of the Village Road no such treatment, not only to the villagers travel caused great inconvenience, and even the village’s real economy paralyzed.
Village cadres: the village life and production stagnated
Warm Yuyang Village is located at the southeast, only a dozen meters from the elm good speed, economy is relatively backward. 2014, the Department of Transportation investment will Yuyang village to the outside world from the original village road cement road turned into a dirt road. With the completion of the cement road in the village have built a farm, winery, grains plant, tofu skin factory, the villagers gradually rich again.
By the end of July this year, after a heavy rain, a new village road collapsed more than 30 meters, the villagers travel on the road is cut off, a few factory was forced to stop production. “Village Road collapse because the drainage elm good quality is not up to speed, was destroyed rain, even with the road embankment destroyed our village.” Warm village party secretary Cheng Yuan Jin said, elm good drainage away from the high-speed Village Road, only about two meters, the next heavy rain, drains surrounding were destroyed,rs Gold resulting in highway slope collapsed ten meters from the nearest village road base has been washed collapse.

Cheng Yuan Jin said that after the collapse of Village Road, he quickly report to their superiors, and numerous experiences of finding good speed management side elm negotiated settlement, “they each said immediately repair, but there has been no movement than a month later, the villagers are very worried . “Cheng Yuan Jin reluctantly said, because the village road is the only way out of the village, the village’s industrial entities have now been discontinued, the village life and production stagnated, this is a fatal blow to the whole village it is.
High-speed management side: design only considered highway safety
In this regard, high-speed cross-Yu Jia Gang, general manager of Shaanxi,Tibia Gold said that heavy rain by the end of July is very rare, highway slope collapse circumstances beyond design expectations. “Because there is no acceptance of the highway, construction and construction-related specialist units are investigating to see if the problem in the end what.” Gang said Yu Jia high-speed located in the loess structure, without a stable drainage channels, so The collapse did not rule out because of natural disasters.
“Only consider highway design Highway own safety, GW2 Gold road near crops of safety and are not we consider the range of, say rain is not produced by our company, they (the villagers) should not come to us.” Gang said that the current all processing To wait for the findings of the experts, even if the experts have identified a problem with the design and construction of high-speed, loss-free for a little difficult to bear by the Yu Jia Expressway Company who, after all, is the loss of the unit.

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successfully applied for funding soon

Longlin from Tai’an to wide,Tera Gold one-way would have to spend nearly three days time. Because the work at hand can not get away, autumn Chu quietly launched an investigation on the Internet, he disguised himself as a boss Jiangxi “Yuan Hang” To Wang Jie represents “Baise student network” funded 300,000 yuan.

Wang Jie in order to obtain the trust,swtor credits Chu autumn in “Baise Student Network” on repeated access to information, found a man named Zhang Jun, Guangdong boss, with Wang Jie on the site more interactive. He wanted a way to contact Zhang Jun, Zhang Jun conversation revealed that he had been longlin “student” many times “to longlin nice, food and drink and shelter as well as girls to play.”

I heard that a friend introduced Zhang Jun, Wang Jie on the “Yuan Hang” without fortification. That he had intended contributions, not exchange long, Wang Jie to throw up “to provide sexual services,” the olive branch. To prove true, he was still talking with the network, using a mobile phone in front of the camera to play a while he raped girls video.

“You come to visit, I’ll give you all the facilities provided, returned to find a girl to accompany you.” Afraid “Yuan Hang” Do not believe, Wang Jie from the Internet to give him another pass he shot more than ten indecent video.

“Judging from the video, the little girl was Wang Jie violated at least five people or more, are teens.” Qiu Chu said Wang Jie always thought before joking, but so many indecent video showed Wang Jay indeed dressed welfare coat, doing contemptible acts. From that moment, autumn Wang Jie Chu vowed to uncover the mask of hypocrisy, making it punishable by law.

Lu Yun (a pseudonym) is Wang Jie in the mouth “from primary school to eat now,” the one Zhuang girls. She will never forget, she was Wang Jie case violated when 12 years old.

Lu Yun was still in the sixth grade, after learning from a friend, “Baise student network”, a poor family and classmates Lu Yun Huang Li (pseudonym) successfully applied for funding soon. When receiving funding,Tibia Gold Wang Jie to formalities on the grounds, drove them from the village received Longlin county.

Out of the trust sponsors, they are unprepared to Wang Jie taken to a hotel in Longlin Street night market that night, two primary school girls were Wang Jie and his friends in a hotel room for a violation. Huang Li always remember, violated her man is called “Yang Jie.”

Autumn Chu is found by Wang Jie Lu Yun cyberspace, contacted Lu Yun, her first words: “No one more than I hate him, he ruined me!”

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Legend Milan hutch money

This week, Juventus to the start of the new season of expedition. They have in the Italian Super Cup match beat Lazio won the first tournament of the season, regarded as a good start. But the former Juventus and the legendary Italian goalkeeper Dino Zoff warned Juventus, to forget the past all the honor, the new season from 0 begin.

  In the face of an interview with Tuttosport, 73 year old Dino Zoff expressed on especially Wenxin season advice and praised the Bianconeri squad of players, that Juventus is still their favorite team, but they must further strengthen the will. “They have to forget all the past, and the new season needs to be carefully from 0. But the pursuit of honor cannot stop them, the new season is expected to par record, reached Serie A five albert.” Previously,coins kaufen fifa 16 the Serie A maximum number of consecutive wins is 5, respectively, by Juventus in the 1930-1935 and international Milan during the 2005-2010 period to achieve (05-06 season Juventus serie a champion due to the phone door event was canceled, to the international Milan.

  Although the warning is hanged on the mouth, but Zoff are still optimistic about Juve’s prospects: “in my opinion, Allegri’s side is still favourites, their lineup changes, the arrival of new signings will give the team infuse it with passion. Rome, günstige fifa 16 coins inter, Milan have put a lot of money in the summer, will have an impact on Juve, I am looking forward to the start of the new season.”

  Dino Zoff praised Pirlo and Pogba player Dino Zoff praised Pirlo and Pogba and other players

  In addition, he also gave a number of new and old players to be sure, the words revealed Vidal after leaving regret: Pirlo is a genius, Tevez is able to decide the game, and Vidal is my very appreciation of the players, he has a personality and very hard, in every corner of the stadium can see his figure, both can score and defense, some like Conti. Bogeba? He’s a perfect player. I don’t have to worry about Buffon, with his ability and the state in the future for a long time to be the first choice for goalkeeper position.”More News.

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