The Complete Guide of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Game VI: Arms Race

All players start with a MP9. You get a new weapon with each death and so you go climbing. You start with a submachine gun; after you receive shotguns, rifles, machine guns, pistols and finally the knife. In this way you will go through all the weapons in the game (regardless of which side).

Win the first round get 27 deaths, i.e. one with each weapon. If you kill, you return to appear and keep your weapons, not lose them. This is the perfect way to train because if you kill show up immediately. The best way to “warm the mouse”.


0. MP9
1. MAC-10
2. MP7
3. PP-Bizon
4. UMP-45
5. P90
6. Nova
7. MAG-7
8. XM1014
9. Sawed-Off
10. Galil AR
12. AK-47
13. M4A4
14. SG 553
15. AUG
16. AWP
17. M249
18. Negev
19. Glock-18
20. P2000
21. Tec-9
22. P250
23. Desert Eagle
24. Five-seveN
25. Dual Berettas
26. Knife

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Gamers can find the diverse aspects in FIFA 17 this year

In the gameplay of FIFA 17, the gamers can own each moment. The gamers require finishing the creativities in the path, the players are to think, and move while communicating physically with the challengers. The gamer is to materialize the invasion and place him in entire control of each moment upon the pitch. To overcome the initial shortage of in-game currency of coin, the gamers can buy fifa coins from the professional coin seller for FIFA Football Video Game series, The coins help the gamers procure the best professional players along with other items to make a superb FIFA 17 team.

The gamers can also download the FIFA 17 demo and he is to take the first to attempt FIFA 17 The Journey. The newly introduced game engine, Frostbite, powers this game. Based on this engine, the gamer makes his saga become live and off the pitch upon PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The gamers can take each option, as there is the introduction of Set Piece Rewrite. Between the free kicks and corner kicks to penalties, it is to infuse the experiencing control and personality from each dead ball condition.

The gamers can gain the experience of an active intelligence system. A brand new method brings constant spatial analysis while enhancing the activity off the ball. It also alters the new path through which the player acts in response, reads, and moves. The gamers can buy fifa 17 coins from to alleviate the dire needs of coin. To make a superb team, the coin is vital as it can make procure the best players and other necessary items to build a powerful FIFA 17 team. Keeping playing the games and tournaments helps the gamers conquer and start gaining the coins.

The introduction of active intelligence method indicates that it is often making the space and options for the gamer and his teammates. Marco Reus displays the active intelligence method of FIFA 17 upon the pitch. This brand new gameplay mechanics brings the constant spatial analysis while enhancing the activity off the ball. Based on the altering ways, the players can move; read; and react. The gamers can buy cheap fifa coins from and get into the game of FIFA 17 with vigor.

the introduction of constant spatial analysis

Now, it is to see that every player analyzes the proximity of his or her confrontations and the space around them to better recognize the options in invasion. When the gamer is on the ball, the teammates of gamer interpret if the gamer can make a pass and regulate their movement to display for the gamer. Alternatively, it is to make a new run.

the introduction of new running kinds

Smarter player and enhanced activity off the ball provide new and innovative paths of gamer to inaugurate the opponent. The orchestrated running with multiple players, false running, stunt running, and summoning a player to display the support are some of the paths through which the gamer can take the controlling in building up. Buy fifa 17 coins from

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NBA 2K17 defensive operations and skills tutorial

NBA 2K17 in the defense is also very important? Today to bring the NBA 2K17 defensive operations and skills tutorial, let’s see it!

Switch: press the player to control another defender to the ball

Personal defense: hold down the LB key to enter the low defensive stance

Cap: the player near the press

Steals: dribble or pass line in the near middle, press 1.

Expert: rocker steals left or right to choose the right rocker push hands with steals, away from the dribble direction is blocked, toward the direction is cut off the dribble the ball

Compression ball: hold down the LT key and dribble drive toward the left rocker

Quick slide: hold down the LT key +RT key, push the left rocker in any direction

Hands up defense: push the right stick in any direction.

Interference shot: when the shooting process in the vicinity of the pitcher hold down the LT key or in any direction to push the right joystick

Vertical interference: toward this direction away from the shooting and press and hold the left rocker

Cap: to hold down the RT key and press.

Manufacturing: hold the charging

Diving: double click the

Position switch: press the RB button and then press the action to defender built to control him

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